DIY Glass Cling Shapes

How neat is this! Checkout this simple way to make your own fun Glass Cling Shapes for decorating your house.


What to do with old, faded Toms shoes

First of all, if they smell bad and have too many holes, throw them out and go shopping for a new pair! 🙂 Now, if they’re just a bit old and faded, you can revive them with a little paint. ~Nicci

1. Clean them with a damp cloth to get the dust off so the paint will stick.

2. Figure out what you want to paint on them… I think I’ll go with The Nightmare Before Christmas so I can wear them to Disneyland.

3. Start painting.

4. Finish them with a light coat of Clear Acrylic to protect the artwork from rain or dirt.

5. Show them off.

Sparkly Accessories using Wire-Twisting

Like many craft bloggers, I also sell handmade creations on I design and hand-craft sparkly Bridal Dress Belts/Sashes in my shop IsabellaRia14. Here I will share my technique for making a Sparkled Vine that entwines the waist of the dress. But if wire twisting is not your thing, you can also purchase this belt in my shop: . It has a matching hair comb too.

Skill: You just need an Imagination

Materials: 24 gauge wire, jewels and beads

Tools: scissors and needle-nose pliers

Start with a piece of wire about 10″ or so. I find this length allows me to make a cluster or two on the vine. If you cut a piece of wire too long it will keep tangling and getting in your way as you do your twisting. String a crystal onto it and bend the wire over. Then start twisting.


Continue to add jewels and twist to form clusters and branches. When it’s time to add another piece of wire simply twist it with the original wire. Then cut off the excess and flatten the stubs of wire.

As I work I use a grid to keep track of the size of my vine. It is just a piece of paper that I printed out from my computer. Using Microsoft Word I made a table with its Columns and Rows 1/2″ wide or high. Then I made the table cover the entire page so that I end up with a Grid with 1/2″ spaces.

Here are the finished pieces, a Bridal Dress Belt and Hair Comb:

The possibilities are endless for the beautiful accessories you can make using wire twisting. Please share photos of your creations. We’d love to see them!


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