Well, somehow I can’t stop with just one kind of craft. I like to dabble in everything. So recently I’ve been into bending wire. It all started at a craft show, and I saw these beautiful hanging suncatchers made out of Swarovski crystals and wire. I thought to myself, ‘I need one of those’ and then once I bought one I thought, ‘I can make this’…typical me. I got a bunch of wire and started bending!


Advent Christmas Tree with Scriptures and Activities

This is an incredibly simple Advent Tree, just what I have time for 🙂

An advent tree is such a great way to daily instill in our children that Christmas is about celebrating Jesus’ birth and the hope that it gives us personally. I have never taught my 3 year old about Santa or shown him any movies/tv about the man in red. Yet he thinks Santa is Christmas because that’s what we see in every store. This Advent tree is just what we need to help us celebrate Jesus’ coming throughout the entire Advent Season. Enjoy!

Materials: Christmas gift tags, silver or gold sharpie, Christmas tree

Skill: Super easy

You can use any resource, but the wonderful lady at Hubbard’s Cupboard has a great list of daily scriptures and activities for the entire month of December. There’s Scriptures, Christmas books, Christmas songs, and many, many activities for each day. Just click on the button below to go directly to the page.

On the outside of the gift tags number them 1 through 25 using your sharpie marker. The gift tags are already pretty, so not much effort is needed here 🙂 On the inside of the tags write the scriptures and activities for each day. Then hang them all over your tree and each day take one down.


Merry Christmas!


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