Art Projects for Pre-Schoolers

My sons and I have been having so much fun with art projects lately. I wanted to share some of them here. These ideas all came from other bloggers; you can click on the subtitles to see the detailed instructions and materials lists.

Nature Walk Art

For this art project we digressed a bit from the original blog idea. We glued all our “treasures” found on a Nature Walk to pieces of kitchen foil using watered-down glue. Once dried, I sprayed them with Matte Clear Acrylic Paint to seal it. Then frame and hang!



Color Wheel with Frosting Paint

We changed it up for this project as well. Instead of using paint to make our color wheels, we used colored frosting. Take one jar of frosting and split into three small bowls. Add 10 drops of food coloring to each bowl (red, blue, and yellow) and stir well. Then have fun painting! Provide graham crackers for “sampling” the artwork as well 🙂



Q-Tip Trees

These cute little trees are painted using Q-Tips as paint brushes. It’s a fun way to for your kids to experiment with a new technique. You can draw the outline of the tree for you child before, or let them free-hand their trees themselves. And using an egg-carton is a great way to keep the paint colors separated and contained. As you can see, Michael did not want to stop making them!


For lots and lots more creative ideas, checkout this lady’s amazing list of activities for your pre-schooler on her blog Play Create Explore .

Have fun!!!