Floor Pillow

This is such a cute type of pillow, and very unique. I have been seeing this floor pillow made by many in the blogging world and just had to make my own. My sons love sitting on it to read books or for wrestling on 🙂 The original tutorial uses a jelly roll and joins about a million triangles to form a circle pillow top. It is gorgeous, but I could not bring myself to sew that many seems. So instead of jelly roll strips with rectangular dimensions of 2.5″ x 22″, I opted to cut my own rectangles from 45″ wide fabric with dimensions of 6″ x 22″.

Here is the original tutorial, which I followed for the most part.

Jelly Roll Floor Pillow by Moda Bake Shop

If you want to make the simpler version of the floor pillow that I made, start here and then go to the tutorial step 13 to continue:


2.5 yards of fabric (45″ wide fabric) are needed: half for the pillow top and half for the pillow bottom.

2 packages of piping

2 to 4  24oz bags of poly-fill (it depends on the amount of poofiness you want.

2  1.5″ cover buttons


1. Cut out 13 rectangles with the dimensions of 6″ x 22″.

2. Then cut them diagonally to create 26 triangles. (I did not leave a 1/4″ thickness at one of the points of the triangle like the tutorial did in step 4 of the tutorial.)

3. When sewing the triangles together (with right-sides together), be sure to join the perpendicular side of the first triangle to the diagonal side of the second triangle. You’ll notice in the photo that the triangles don’t quite line up. That’s alright because we will trim the edge of the circle once it is assembeled.


Now continue constructing the pillow according to the tutorial, starting at step 13. Here is the link to the tutorial again:

Jelly Roll Floor Pillow by Moda Bake Shop

Here are some more photos of my project as it came together.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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